The Wolf You Feed

A Cherokee parable tells the tale of a grandfather sharing a story with his grandson – a tale of two wolves at war within each of us. There’s a “good” wolf, filled with positive energy, and a “bad” wolf, filled with anger, bitterness and negativity. The “good wolf” is no less fierce than the “bad wolf.” The grandson asks which wolf wins in a fight? To which the grandfather replies, “The wolf you feed.”   

At Good Wolf Coaching, we aim to position the mental side of multisport as the critical component to your training and racing success. While consistent training is vital to achieving success on race day, we believe that the mental and emotional approach to training and racing is even more important.    

If your inner wolves have been at war with each other, Good Wolf Coaching can help.

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The Good Wolf Coaching Promise

Think of these as your Bill of Rights as a Good Wolf athlete. 

These are our five promises to you.

  • We are all unique athletes with unique needs. It only makes sense to design a customized program for your specific goals and schedule. No mindless copy-pasting.

  • Good Wolf Coaching team size is purposefully limited to maximize individual attention for each athlete. You should never feel like "just another client."

  • We respect and value our clients with busy lifestyles. Our goal is to optimize training time within your schedule -- training should augment your life, not replace it.

  • We are relentlessly positive and believe the surest way to achieving results is through a healthy outlook. We don't play mind games or place undue pressure. Ever.

  • We train Good Wolf athletes so they become equipped to coach themselves should they choose to do so. We support a flexible pay-as-you-go approach, and we value and celebrate our alumni clients.


Client Testimonials

NBA executive, former Div. I NCAA men's basketball head coach -- Olympic-distance triathlon finisher

"All I know is (Ryan is) a really good coach and (he) needs to get that passion and drive out there. It's contagious and hard to find."

International healthcare tech trainer -- Ironman 70.3 distance finisher

"Ryan gets it. He designs smart workouts, and is patient with my random travel schedules. I trust his judgment when it comes to helping me reach my goals."

Law enforcement official, prior U.S. Special Forces operator -- marathon finisher

"My personal perspective on Ryan's skills and effectiveness are not entirely novice. Although I'm not an elite athlete, I have received some fairly demanding and effective special forces training, as well as specialized law enforcement tactical training. I understand the relationship between goals, work and results. Ryan Schneider epitomizes the ability to functionally navigate the process for others as a mentor."

Business owner, 30-year triathlete, 40+ Ironman 70.3 finishes

"I have been in this sport since 1988 and trust me when I say Ryan gets it! He understands work, life, family balance and that is so critical for many of us!"

Emergency room physician -- first-time Ironman finisher

"I have worked with Ryan for one season so far, and I am very happy with the results. 

 I had recently had a blow up in a 70.3 after several months of self training.  While my results over the previous few years had improved, my racing and training were still very unsatisfying.  Over several months, Ryan helped me train smarter and more importantly race smarter. 

 Ryan taught me how to get out of my own way and learn to enjoy the process.  I got not only better results but more joy from all my hard work."

Video games programmer -- first-time Ironman finisher

"Six weeks out from my first Ironman, I developed a minor meniscal problem in my left knee. Ryan's guidance and training plan tweaks, along with a strategic race day plan, were instrumental in getting me through the final weeks and finish line successfully."

Meet Coach Ryan

When it comes to improvement, I think personal pursuits, career goals and family life are inter-related. Focus too much on any one aspect and we run the risk of increasing debilitating stress, which can lead to injury, illness and flat-out being unhappy with the quality of life itself.

I know, because I've been there before. As a husband, father, branding executive, coach and triathlete -- I know how hard it is to maintain a satisfying life balance.

I also know maintaining that balance is possible while racing at a competitive level. I'm a two-time USA Triathlon age-group All-American, Ironman 70.3 World Championship finisher, former member of the Wattie Ink elite triathlon team, and have completed nearly 20 full-distance Ironman and Half-Ironman distance events (along with many more triathlons and running races) while juggling a hectic schedule.

I've trained directly under some of the sport's most well-known coaches whom I'm proud to call mentors, including Gerry Rodrigues at Tower26, and Brian Stover and Dusty Nabor at Accelerate 3 Coaching. Further, I'm a USA Triathlon Certified coach.

If you are passionate about improvement, I'd love to help you on your journey to better. 

Meet dave, aka "The Dude"

After training and racing in triathlons for the last 30 years, Dave Dietterle knows a lot about a lot. 

Like Yoda, or The Dude in The Big Lebowski, Dave is compelled by a cosmic spirit to share that knowledge. He's got a multi-faceted background spanning architecture, design and engineering, which Dave parlayed into co-founding respected hydration products company Speedfil

Combine Dave's technical acumen with his passion for multisport, not to mention a lethally efficient swim stroke, and you've got the most tenured technical triathlon advisor you'll likely ever meet. 

Dave is a Good Wolf Coaching client and available for consult, specializing in bike equipment, mobility exercises and swim technique analysis.

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